June 14, 2010 And more…

Vilnius Talking Sculptures: Story of Literatų street Wall

20. Literatų street Wall
More than 200 artistic tributes to literateurs who lived and worked in Vilnius
Literatų str. 8, 2009
Curator: Eglė Vertelkaitė / Text by Vaiva Grainytė / Recorded by Rimantė Valiukaitė

Conference/Performative Monologue

“Can I call myself an activist if I made a work on climate change? Is passivity more profound (and effective?) than a loud virtue signaling in the era of the apocalypse?”
Vaiva Grainytė addressed these questions in the presentation “Hypocrisy of a Jellyfish” on her personal approach to ecology, consumption, poetry and dairy products at Jerusalem’s Manofim contemporary art festival.

The Unification of the World or how the Whisker has set free the Nightingale’s Meadows and the Bear’s Heart, 2022 (in LT)

Radio story for the kids flirting with the genres of allegory and utopia, refers to the current Russia’s genocide actions in Ukraine 

See:  https://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/2000216174/vakaro-pasaka-rasytoju-issukis-vaiva-grainyte-pasaulio-susivienijimas-arba-kaip-usas-lakstingalos-pievas-ir-meskos-sirdi-isvadavo

The Night Lyrics (in LT)

Vaiva reads her poetry at LRT radio: https://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/2000130997/vakaro-lyrika-vaiva-grainyte-skaito-savo-eiles

Story of The Heart Donor (EN subtitles)

Project initiated by the Lithuanian National Art Museum “30 Art Works, 30 creatros, 30 Weeks”, stories by 30 renowned Lithuanian artists. Vaiva Grainytė shares her thoughts on the sculpture Heart Donor by Stanislovas Kuzma (1987) exhibited at the National Gallery of Art.