May 26, 2012 Beijing Diaries, 2012

A book of essays

A debut book of essays, written in a diaristic manner during a year lived in Beijing, while studying Chinese in a Central Drama Academy, encountering traditional and official medicine while being ill, skipping classes for a solitary trip to Inner Mongolia or Yellow Mountain, dressing as Algerian for the Horticulture Expo Fair in Shian or being consumed by Beijing opera and art house Chinese cinema. Sharp observer’s eye, avid traveler’s curiosity and trickster’s nature manifested in amusing anthropological miniatures.

Beijing Diaries (2012) was nominated for the Book of the Year awards, and included in the top twelve listings of the most creative books in Lithuania and awarded the Augustinas Gricius prize.

Read an excerpt translated into English here.

Format / pages: paperback / 254 pages
ISBN: 978-5-415-02251-9
Publisher: Vaga, Vilnius
Year: 2012