April 26, 2019 Stars Full of Bacteria, 2019

A text-based sculpture at CAC, Vilnius

photo: Andrej Vasilenko

Vaiva Grainytė’s Stars Full of Bacteria is the first text-based sculpture to be shown in the CAC Sculpture Yard. The piece becomes part of a temporary partition that was created after the demolition of a brick fence that separated the CAC Sculpture Yard from Mėsinių Street.

Stars full of bacteria
Will sour the sky.
Stars will turn the sky 

Into an infinity of kefir.

The haiku (translated by Rimas Uzgiris), dealing with transformation and change and having acquired a sculptural body in this space, inherits extra layers of meaning: symbolically reflecting the act of demolition and waiting for the reconstruction of the CAC building, as well as depicting the situation of present time; a subject of constant change.