May 28, 2016 Lucky Lucy, 2016

Site-specific promenade performance 

photo: Kristijonas Lučinskas

When we met her in Hong Kong, she was just about to leave somewhere we haven’t been. She invited us to take a stroll in the labyrinth of her head, full of stories that have crossed our life. Shared memories – the library of flashbacks spinning like her restless being, still like trees – is a journey through the landscapes and atmospheres.

Lyrics: Vaiva Grainytė
Choreographers and performers: Agnija Šeiko (LT), Annika Ostwald (No)
Dramaturg: PeO Sanders (SE)
Composer: Magnus Bugge (NO)

→  April 2, 2017
Nordbahnhof. Lithuanian Dance Festival. Berlin, Germany
→  October 25, 2016 
Terminal bus station. Reykjavik, Iceland 
→  October 12-14, 2016
Rasos area. „Keðja 2016”, platform for the Nordic-Baltic contemporary dance. Vilnius, Lithuania
→  October 4, 2016
Kjelsas train station. Oslo, Norway
→  October 1, 2016 
Train station. Floda, Sweden
→  August 18-19, 2016 
Train station. Klaipėda, Lithuania